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Hi, my name is Reinier van Antwerpen.
Welcome to my photography blog.

Name: Reinier van Antwerpen
Email: info@rvantwerpen.com
Location: Holland
Hobbies: Photography and Photoshop

Main photography interests:
- Wildlife
- Macro

My work:
I like to just go out into nature somewhere and make my photos there. People also ask me to take photos on special occasions every once in a while. Lately I've been asking around for free models just to practice my portraiture a bit more. Besides making photos I also like to manipulate them now and then just for fun. I also design websites, cards and various other things. Ever since a friend of mine started his own website business I've been his designer.

How did I get into photography:
My first encounter with Photoshop was in the time I had started playing a bit with html and websites, somewhere around the year 2002. My dad had a computer with Microsoft Frontpage on it and he got me a little web space on our home server. After a while I discovered that people made a lot of nice layouts using Photoshop. A friend of mine happened to have a copy of Photoshop 6 so I started practicing with it a little.

I stopped working on websites after a while when I got into online gaming around 2003. This did not stop me from using Photoshop however, as signatures are a very popular thing on game forums. I have had a lot of practice making signatures for other people.

About a year later I started working on a website again. A classmate of mine had a website and I thought it was fun so I started creating my own again and because I had practiced a lot with those signatures I was now able to create layouts which I liked a lot more then the ones I made before. Because a lot of people from the online game forums I visited a lot asked me if I could help them with Photoshop I decided to make a website with Photoshop tutorials. I started writing a tutorial now and then and the reactions I got from them where really positive.

The positive reactions I got on the tutorials and the fun I had writing them made me decide to officially launch a graphics website of my own, not with some free domain name but with a serious commercial domain. I launched this site on March 21, 2006. The site got quite popular amongst the few sites I visited regularly and my msn friends. Because of this I started regularly updating the sites code, which gave me a lot of html and php practice.

Because I wanted the site to cover a lot of Photoshop knowledge I started doing some photo manipulations so I could make a few tutorials on those. Photo manipulation had always been something I really liked but I never really tried it before. It turned out to be at least as much fun as I thought. Because of this I started using photos more regularly in all of my Photoshop works.

In december 2007 I decided to buy a photo camera (a Panasonic DMC-FZ18) so I could start making my own photos which I could then use in my Photoshop works. I didn't shoot a lot of photos but whenever we went walking in nature or to a museum I took the camera with me. Who knew, maybe there was something nice to use in Photoshop.

During 2008 my interests slowly started to shift a bit more to photography itself, which at last got me to the point where I had two hobbies instead of one: Photography and Photoshop.

After several years of practice with my Panasonic camera I started looking for something new to improve my photos. I'd been wanting a DSLR camera for quite a while but seeing as these cameras are rather expensive I was never able to buy one. However after finishing school and getting a job I started to earn a nice amount of money which meant that I could finally buy myself such a camera, so in march 2011 I bought myself a Nikon D7000. Besides this I also bought a new computer because my old one was getting rather old and I also wanted to upgrade to Photoshop CS5 which didn't really run smoothly on my old computer.

With the new DSLR I started to get into photography more and more whereas my work in Photoshop moved more to the background where it became more of a support for my photography. At the start of 2012 I decided to push myself a bit by trying to post something new on this website at least once a week on average. This is the point where photography became my main hobby (next to singing that is) and Photoshop became a tool in the toolbox. During 2012 I started to get more into wildlife and birds besides macro and by 2013 I was shooting at least as much wildlife as macro.

Other interesting facts:
I'm colourblind. It's kind of annoying now and then when working in Photoshop but it also gives some interesting results.

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